Calendar FAQ

Every day, we receive dozens of requests to add events to the CaryCitizen Calendar. Everything from teen art shows to theater productions are included in our easy to navigate calendar.

Creating a good calendar posting takes some work and here are some tips on how to send us the info that will get your event added quickly and clearly.

Calendar of Cary Events

Lots of great stuff is happening all the time in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Wilmington and Greensboro. We don’t cover them.

If your event is happening in Cary, or sponsored by a Cary organization, read on.

Just the Facts

The best way to get your info in front of the Calendar editor is to send us a simple, clear email with all the relevant facts.

  1. EVENT TITLE – Name of the event- the title will be what people see in the calendar before opening the entry
  2. WHERE – Where it is happening and please include the exact address, if known. We always list an address and the Google widget will map it for our readers. But if we have to go look up the venue address, that takes time.
  3. WHEN – When does the event start, and approximate ending time. Our calendar needs a start and stop time, otherwise the event is listed as just a block and hides other event listings.
  4. WHO – Who is organizing the event-the group, groups, people, or sponsors. And include a contact for more info, or a web link to visit.
  5. COST –  Is the event free, or must tickets be purchased, or registration be completed.
  6. Any additional information or explanations that our readers might enjoy.

Brevity and organization of your info are key. Keep it short and to the point for best results.

Send Us Your Events

If you follow these simple guidelines, we will gladly include your Cary event in our Calendar. We love to cover as many events that occur in Cary as we possibly can. Who knows, your event may end up in a story as well.

Send Calendar Event info to:

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That’s it!

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