How Much Will You Need for Retirement?


Editor’s Note: Briant Sikorski, from Stratos Wealth Partners in Cary, contributed this article.

Cary, NC — Even though calculating a retirement savings goal is key to pursuing and maintaining a confident financial outlook, just 46% of American workers have figured out how much money they will need to accumulate for retirement.* More than half admit that they are behind schedule when it comes to planning and saving for retirement. Read more


Money Matters: Protecting Your Retirement Against Illness or Injury


Cary, NC – If you’ve already started saving for your retirement, congratulations. You’re on your way to fulfilling lifelong dreams and goals. There are millions of Americans who suffer a disabling illness or injury and, as a result, cannot work. Such afflictions not only effects their physical well being, but their fiscal health as well, damaging their income and retirement funds. Read more

Money Matters: Top 4 Steps To Retirement Savings

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen. Photo by nats.

Cary, NC – For many in the workforce, pensions may be a fading trend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy life after work. Here are my Top 4 Steps to Saving for Retirement. Read more

Money Matters: 3 Steps to Making Your Money Last in Retirement

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, contributes monthly to the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Traditionally, we’ve been told that saving diligently during our working years is the key to a successful, comfortable retirement.  Unfortunately, the harsh reality of accumulating a nest egg is only half the battle. Upon retirement, making your nest egg last is the next, and oftentimes more difficult, challenge. However, it is possible! Read more