Video: Ashworth Drug Store Radio Jingle

Cary, NC – The final piece in The Cary Players/Radio Jingles series, Ashworth Drug Store seems to perfectly capture the mood of the 1940’s.

In the 40’s, most people listened to the radio. Radio stations produced music and drama and variety programming, and also ads for their clients.

So imagine Cary in the 1940’s. It’s Christmas time and there is a hint of snow is in the air.

Now sit back, tune in your old radio to the local Cary station, and close your eyes.


Ashworth Drug Store Jingle

Lyrics: Debra Grannan
Music: Debra Grannan & Craig Johnson

Singers: Jordan Blais, Mathew Harvey, Joanna Herath, Jeri McKee, Bonnie Roe, Megan Woronka

Cary Players production of “Yes, Virginia”

Director: Debra Grannan
Producer: Phil Lowden
Music Director: Craig Johnson
Costumes: LeGrand Smith


Producer/Director: Hal Goodtree


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