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Cary, NC – In 2011, most businesses, organizations, non-profits and civic groups have Facebook Pages. Now, there’s a unique, branded way to control the link you share with your audience.

What’s in a Link?

Links are among the most important components of digital communication. Using proper links is a subject we frequently cover on Goodtree & Co: Blog.

On Facebook, links have always been problematic, especially on Business Pages. For example, our old link was a combination of letters and numbers and looked like this:

Not very memorable.

Unique URLs for Pages

Months ago, Facebook rolled out unique URLs (web addresses) for Profiles. Now, that same option is available for Business Pages.

Here’s our new Facebook URL:

That’s better!

Why It’s Important

Unique URLs for Facebook Pages are a giant step forward for business on the world’s most popular social platform.

  • Easy to remember
  • Simple to tell

This makes it so much easier for your audience to find you on Facebook. Easy for the customer is good when it comes to communication.

Now you can easily associate your brand in a direct way with Facebook and control how you appear in your web address.

How to Change Your Facebook URL

If you have a Facebook Page, follow these steps to change your web address.

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Click on “Edit Page” (upper right)
  3. From the admin area, click on “Basic Information” (menu on left)
  4. Click on “Username” (second item from the top of the form)

Be warned: you can only do this once. Make sure before you make the change.

Update Your Other Info

Don’t forget to update your website, business cards, LinkedIn profile and everything else with your new Facebook Page web address.

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    THANK YOU! This has been on my list to track down and you just dropped it into my lap! Incredibly helpful. :)

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