Film: Full Frame Wrap Up

Report by Tom Steadman and photo above by Joshua Steadman.

Durham, N.C. – As Sunday night wound down, so did the 14th annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which brought hordes of fans and patrons, and 99 exquisite films to downtown Durham.

Big Winners

Scenes of a Crime, directed Grover Babcock and Blue Hadaegh, won the Grand Jury Award for its look at a murder investigation that is still pending trial in New York state.

“In 2008, Adrian Thomas spent more than ten hours at the Troy, NY, Police Department being interrogated by officers convinced he’d killed his four-month-old son.  In spite of his repeated pleas of innocence, officers followed interrogation protocol and hammered away at him until he finally signed a confession.” – from

Buck, the cinematic story of a true horse whisperer, won the festival’s Audience Award.

“At six years of age, Buck Brannaman was a professional rope trick performer, a Kellogg’s Sugar Pops kid, and a broken boy. Now he’s known the world over as the horse whisperer.” – from

Full Frame Wrap-Up

It was a great weekend of documentary film – real stories about real people. The kind of stuff you won’t see in movie theaters.

Some of the films will make it to cable. Many are on the internet. Presumably, you can watch some on your iPad or smartphone.

So where can you go to see great documentary films in the Triangle? The answer is the next Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in April 2012. If you love movies and stories about people, make it a point to go next year.

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