Food: Forbes Gives Herons 5th Star

Story from staff reports. File photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Forbes Travel Guide only gives a 5 star rating to 25 restaurants in the entire United States. One of them is in Cary.

Herons – Five Stars

Forbes rates hotels, spas and restaurants on more than the physical beauty of a property or even its product. The X Factor is the experience. From USA Today:

Only 25 percent of the score is based on the facility, while 75 percent is measured by the experience, said Shane O’Flaherty, president of inspections and ratings at Forbes Travel Guide.

“You can build the most beautiful hotel in the world but if it does not deliver consistent, passionate service, you’re going to score low on our system,” he said. “At the five-star level, you see more of the employees of the property anticipating the needs of the consumer. They’re always one step ahead of the consumer.”

CaryCitizen talked about the Herons experience more than two years ago. We called it “Cary’s Neighborhood Four Star Restaurant.”

Guess we’ll have to add a star.


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