Events: Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, or Cyber Monday?

Survey by Hal Goodtree for CaryCitizen. Photo by Gerald Stolk.

Cary, NC – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. It’s safe to say there are a lot of opportunities to shop this weekend. Is it all too much?

A friend recently told me that he was participating in Anti-Black Friday – giving away, throwing away and recycling as much stuff as possible on the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe he’s on to something.

Here are two interesting Cyber Monday facts:

  1. Why is it on a Monday and not over the weekend? Because most people like to shop online at work.
  2. Cyber Monday is set to rake in $1.6 billion this year compared to just $875 million for Black Friday.

Meanwhile, the world economy is in turmoil for the third straight year, mostly due to over-spending, over-borrowing and over-lending. But the barrage of media urging us to spend more has reached a new crescendo this year.

Tell us what you think. What are you feelings about the shopping extravaganza after Thanksgiving? All responses kept confidential. If you can’t see the survey here, you can answer it on our Holiday Shopping survey page.

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