Real Estate: Cary Company Charts Worst Markets in U.S.

Story by Hal Goodtree photo by Sean Dreilinger.

Cary, NC – LocalMarket Monitor, a Cary-based company that charts the real estate industry, just published a list of the worst housing markets in America for 2011. Cary, NC is thankfully not on the list. In fact, no North Carolina city made the list.

The Worst Markets in America

Homeowners everywhere in the United States are stressed about home prices. Relatively speaking, we have it pretty good in Cary.

Here are the 13 worst home markets in the U.S. based on the percentage of decline in home value for 2011:

  • Las Vegas, NV: -15.2%
  • Tuscon, AZ: -11.1%
  • Phoenix, AZ: -13.0%
  • Fresno, CA: -9.9%
  • Bakersfield, CA: -8.5%
  • Sacramento: -9.3%
  • Stockton, CA: -8.2%
  • Atlanta, GA: -8.5%
  • West Palm Beach, FL: -8.5%
  • Jacksonville, FL: -7.7%
  • Orlando: -10.9%
  • Tacoma, WA: -7.4%
  • Boise, ID: -13.4%

More information on Forbes: 13 Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling Dangerously

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    2 in Arizona, 4 in California, and 3 in Florida, plus some other over blown markets (Las Vegas anyone?) I am not surprised. Overpriced always and now they are finding fair market value.
    Most except WA don’t even have trees for heavens sake!

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