House of the Week: David Bowden’s

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – We haven’t done a House of the Week story in a while, but this one is worth it. It’s about David Bowden’s former house, the “Screwed By Town of Cary” guy. It’s been bought, refurbished and is back on the market at a very attractive price.

Screwed By Guy’s House – The Backstory

Just to recap the story, David Bowden painted his house in August 2009 with bright orange letters that read “Screwed by Town of Cary.” I wrote about it in the very first Editor’s Journal.

Subsequently, the Town of Cary slapped him with fines, the ACLU got involved and the whole thing is lurching around the courts.

Mr. Bowden passed away in June of 2011 from lung cancer.

A Neighbor Steps In

Hanging around Garden Supply a couple of weeks ago, I got to chatting with owner Keith Ramsey. Keith lives in the neighborhood and his kids go to Briarcliff, so he had to drive by Mr. Bowden’s house every day.

Keith found the message disturbing, a feeling widely shared in the community. But what really bugged him were the questions from his kids “How can he do that Daddy?” And “what does it mean?”

Keith decided to do something. He bought the house.

Screwed By Guy’s House Gets a Makeover

Keith told me he made a conservative offer on the house. It was accepted. The property traded hands for about $76,000.

Now, Keith Ramsey is the perfect guy to solve a runoff problem around a house. He owns a landscape design company.

He discovered the sump pump under the house not working and the downspouts clogged, draining water under the house.

Keith said  the Town of Cary spent a lot of time and money trying to fix the situation, but the problem was really on the property.

He improved the drainage around the house, put in a new floor, new carpet, new paint inside and siding outside, new dishwasher, new HVAC, truckloads of landscaping and remodeled the kitchen and bath.

House of the Week: 305 SW Maynard

Our House of the Week is at 305 SW Maynard in Cary.

It’s a newly renovated 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house – 1900 square feet total.

Big deck, plenty of parking and a close walk to Caribou Coffee and shopping on Kildare Farm Road.

Listed for $177,000. That works out to $93 a square foot, a good price for central Cary.

For more info on this property, visit Block & Associates Realty.


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  1. Lindsey Chester
    Lindsey Chester says:

    Thanks good that moldy white siding is gone- that alone gave me the creeps! Great job folks, hope a great new Cary neighbor moves in!

  2. Hal Goodtree
    Hal Goodtree says:

    Susan Moran from Town of Cary sent in this comment via email:

    Hi Hal. Please note that the Town of Cary has never fined Mr. Bowden. The ACLU sued the Town because we were going to have to start fining him, according to Town Code, if he didn’t bring the sign into compliance. Would appreciate this clarification, especially since it’s still in court. Tx.

    Thanks for setting us straight.

  3. Michelle Muir
    Michelle Muir says:

    Hal – thanks for the update. The house looks so much better, and the Ramsey’s are great community members, not only for this, but for their regular support of non-profits through their lemonade stand at the Garden center (other ways too!) You and your readers may be interested to know that before the home was purchased by the Ramseys, Don Hyatt and JTrent Associates Contractors donated time and services to remove the sign and paint over it so that regardless of how long it took to find a buyer, neighbors (and curious children) could be relieved of the eyesore – and with the blessing of the owner at the time, Mr. Bowden’s daughter. Here’s a little shout out to those two as well!!

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