It’s a Grind – Open in Cary


Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Over a year ago, I wrote a story about the closing of It’s a Grind coffeehouse in Stonecreek Village. It opened back up quickly under new ownership and has been open ever since.

It’s a Grind – Open in Cary

Such is the power of the internet that my old story has been a plague to the new owner. Okay, maybe not a plague, but an annoyance.

Here in the 27519, CaryCitizen has search cred. That means Google ranks us more highly than other local websites, so our stories come up first on a wide variety of searches.

The “It’s Closed” story continued to come up in search for It’s a Grind in Cary, which is in fact open. Seven days a week.

I went in to It’s a Grind yesterday afternoon for a coffee and fell into discussion with the new owner, Mike. Not knowing about the search thing, I gave him my card.

It took a moment, but then the lightbulb went off in his head. He looked up from the card and asked me (politely) to correct the old story.

I did you one better Mike – I unpublished the old story. It will disappear from search in a few weeks. And I’ve replaced it with a new story, which will hopefully rise to the top of the rankings and send coffee lovers to It’s a Grind in Cary. Now open.

About It’s a Grind in Stonecreek

It’s a Grind in Stonecreek (corner of Davis & High House) is a nice, clean, comfortable place with good service and excellent coffee.

The beans are microroasted, giving It’s a Grind coffees a unique character. In general, their coffees are not as heavy as Starbucks.

The location in Stonecreek has the usual coffee house tables, chairs and upholstered furniture. But two unique features are noteworthy – a big conference table inside and really good outdoor seating, with tables and chairs in the sun and in the shade. Good people watching, too (a rarity in Cary).

Mike also carries breakfast and lunch items, serves hot and cold tea, hot chocolate, blended smoothies and other handmade delicious drinks.

I’ve been going for three years and keep going back. Stop in and say hi to Mike. Tell him CaryCitizen sent you.


It’s a Grind
2000 Boulderstone Way
Cary, NC 27519

Open 7 days a week

Visit It’s a Grind/Locations for more info.

3 replies
  1. Ian Henshaw
    Ian Henshaw says:

    I have met there many times for meetings. Good location and I’m always impressed with the coffee, staff and atmosphere.

    Lesson learned for Cary businesses: Gotta grab on to the power of the Cary Citizen…

  2. Larri Servin
    Larri Servin says:

    I’m so happy to see this! First, Mike and Jay are great guys and doing a wonderful job rebuilding the Cary IAG. My husband and I own the It’s A Grind location in Raleigh and have really enjoyed getting to know Jay and Mike over the last year. It truly makes running a small business so much easier when you have wonderful, friendly and helpful people like Jay and Mike to work with. Second, even though we are located in Raleigh, we still get phone calls asking if we are open. Hopefully, unpublishing your original article will alleviate this issue.

  3. TJ Cawley
    TJ Cawley says:

    I met a friend there a little while back and both Mike and his brother were very friendly. I would definitely recommend It’s a Grind.

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