Danny Taylor on Mother’s Day


Story by Danny Taylor of DT&Co. Photo by Kaz Andrew.

Cary, NC- The first Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 9th, 1914.  President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed this day as an occasion to celebrate mothers and all they do for their families.

Soon after, the greeting card companies picked up on the opportunity as well as florists and candy makers.  Mother’s Day became a booming business that now generates $671 million on cards alone.  The total amount spent last year on Mother’s Day was close to $15 billion.  That’s a lot of cards and flowers y’all!

Mom does not cook on this weekend!  If Dad does not have culinary skills he will pack up the family and head to the nearest brunch spot.  Typically Grandmas and Grandpas get in on the act, so everything gets multiplied times three.

I remember as a child growing up in a small town, that Mother’s Day was a BIG DEAL.  We had special boutonniere we wore in our jacket lapels to church, usually a rose or carnation.  This is very old school and I am really telling my age!

After church, we would go to my Grandmother’s house and eat a huge luncheon that our housekeeper prepared while we were at church.  This is the only day she worked on a Sunday.  Later in life my Dad would BBQ for the family and extended family…it was the 70’s and this was the latest thing…men cooking meat on charcoal grills.  Gone was the boutonniere, but the flowers and cards got bigger and more lavish!

I no longer celebrate Mother’s Day.  All that is left of my family is my Dad and his sister, my Aunt Myrtle Ruth.  My brothers celebrate with their extended families, and I try my best to treat this day as I would any other Sunday.  Enjoy these times with your Mothers and Grandmothers… you are creating your memories.  Most importantly, treat your Mom like every day is Mother’s Day.  One day you will wish you had the opportunity.