Best of the Cary Blogs: June 10 Edition


Cary, NC – Here’s a new feature we thought we’d try: best of the blogs in Cary. It’s a few selections of interesting stories from blogs we follow about Cary.

Best of the Cary Blogs

What makes a good blog? We like general interest stories that touch on some aspect of Cary.

Good blogs are consistent, regular and have a point of view. They tell us (not sell us). Good pictures help, too.

We already republish some of the best blogs in Cary – Harold’s Blog, Don’s Blog and Lori’s Blog, to name just three. We follow and admire quite a few other local blogs as well. If you have a favorite local blog, share it with us.

Dorcas Ministries: Recycled Donations

“Have you ever wondered what happens to the donations that Dorcas Ministries cannot resell? Whether it is clothes, books, or metal electronics, Dorcas has found ways to recycle all of these items in an effort to not fill up landfills and continue to generate funds for the ministry.

The effort to recycle began less than six years ago, when then Store Manager, Howard Manning (now Executive Director) realized there had to be more we could do with unsalable items, especially clothes.

We began by donating our recycled clothes to other local agencies and eventually found a vendor willing to pay Dorcas for those items.

In May 2013, we raised $4,300 by recycling clothes – that’s fifteen TONS of recycled clothes that we sell at 15 cents a pound.”

More: Dorcas Ministries

RailHawks: Clutch Victory Over Tampa Bay

“Once again, RailHawks midfielder Tiyi Shipalane came up with his late game magic to capture a 2-1 victory for the RailHawks over the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

With the win, the RailHawks improve to first place in the NASL standings with only four matches remaining in the NASL Spring Season.”

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Cameron Pond: Kitchen Trends

“A large center island is in many cases taking the place of a dining room as it offers a more social setting in the room.

Another somewhat new trend in kitchens are seeing more people select solid surface composites such embedded with quartz, recycled glass, and various other materials for their countertops as opposed to solid granite or marble.

Concrete is also seeing a surge in popularity in this area, as it opens unlimited possibilities in shaping and color choices for a countertop.”

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Garden Supply: New Yellow Impatiens

“The Fusion Impatiens series has the distinction of offering the first yellow Impatiens flowers. It has taken years to isolate the yellow strain from its wild parents, but the wait has been worth it. From their efforts creating ‘Glow’ came a whole series of exotic warm colors.”

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NC PTA: High Five to Northwoods Elementary

This is the first year that we have participated in bike to school day …My daughter is a first grader and she has resisted riding her bike for as long as I have been introducing the idea. But because it was her teachers and classmates that were excited about this event, she insisted that we participate.”

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Warm n’ Fuzzy

“Today started with a lot of boxes… not unlike the past several days… so I decided to put together a picture show of the result =). I can’t believe there is more coming this week …”

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