Lori Bush: What I’ve Learned About Google Fiber


Cary, NC — There’s been a lot of excitement about Google Fiber coming to the Triangle – and I have to admit that I’m on that band wagon. I’ve received more than 100 separate emails from Cary citizens, excited about this possibility!

Town of Cary & Google Fiber

If you’d like to read more about our Cary position on this announcement, the Town has a FAQ on Google Fiber.  You can also check out the Open Letter to Cary Citizens from our Mayor.

Face-to-Face with the Fiber Team

Last week, I met with Google Fiber representatives about their plans for the Triangle, and to learn more.  They were in town to meet with the municipalities about the “check list” of items that will make it easier for them to decide if Google Fiber will go forward in this area.

Here is what I learned in that meeting.
  1. It’s not a contest.  From their perspective, all 34 cities on the list can potentially have Google Fiber, IF, and that is a big IF, they are able to make it through the process without hitting any big roadblocks.
  2. Google Fiber has the scalability and resources to do all 34 cities if all cities meet their criteria.
  3. That criteria is a lengthy list – but they have learned through this process elsewhere, that it makes a difference. They shared this list with all the municipalities.  There was great excitement and interest in the room by all.
  4. What’s on the list?  Things like – providing maps (of poles, conduit, utility lines), potentially streamlining a way to get permits for their junction boxes (2ft/3ft/3ft boxes needed for connectivity) – access to poles (through leasing arrangements, etc) to hang fiber, land ordinances that allow them to place these boxes in the right of way, etc.  Nothing out of the ordinary, it seems, right now.
  5. They have a process for folks to ‘sign up” for more information and status.  Click on “Check address” and sign up to be in the loop.
  6. It can take about 2 years once all of the intricacies are figured out. One year to lay fiber, another to get everyone connected.  (That’s their experience in Kansas City.)

Hopefully, all of this will go well, and we will have further (positive) updated status before this summer.  Keep your fingers crossed, and thanks to all the citizens that have written to Council with your questions and support!


Photo by Bob Goyetsche.


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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    Also very helpful, thanks. Reading through that, I guess I can see one potential roadblock. The fact that Duke Energy Progress owns the utility poles in the area. Have they provided feedback as to what they will be doing in regards to this project?

    • Brent
      Brent says:

      One other issue — Google’s checklist continually refers to entities associated with “the city”, but Cary is a Town. :-)

      (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  2. Lori Bush
    Lori Bush says:

    The Town of Cary has already started to compile the information that Google has requested. The great folks in Technology Services are working hard to pull all the necessary information together.

    With regards to working together, I know that the municipalities met with Google Fiber, together. But given some of the intricacies, much of the work is based on information that is housed at the municipalities.

    So far, I’ve been told that they are in the process of pulling together all of this information, and they do not foresee any roadblocks.

  3. Lee
    Lee says:

    Thanks for spending the time to update.

    At what point will we begin to hear that Cary (and other towns, which you can’t really speak to) has agreed to provide them the help that they need? I assume with the May 1 deadline it should be relatively soon.

    Have Cary and any of other towns and cities thought of (and possibly already have) speaking with each other so that efforts can be combined to help lessen staff impacts and provide the best possible working relationship with the Google Fiber people?

    Do you see any roadblocks to being able to provide the items they have asked for?

  4. Elizabeth Bee of Apex
    Elizabeth Bee of Apex says:

    What about the town of Apex? I heard that Apex was not on the official list at this point.

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