Sign of the Times


Cary, NC – Development continues to bulldoze ahead in Cary. We spotted a few new architectural signs popping up on the High House corridor.

Lowes Reveals New Storefront

After a multi-month renovation, the bubble-wrap came off the new Lowes storefront at Cary Parkway and High House Road.


The new Lowes sign has a nice, folksy charm, much warmer than the previous incarnation.

Publix Hangs a Shingle

About a mile down the road at the corner of Davis and High House, Publix continues to build out their new store in Cary. Just last week, we noticed their new storefront signage.


Publix Grand Opening

According to the grocery chain, the Publix Grand Opening in Cary will be on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014.

Bradford Puts Its Name Out There

After more than a year of construction, The Bradford development, home to the new Publix, has unveiled their new monument sign.


From an aesthetic standpoint, Bradford has gone in the opposite direction from Lowes – super high-tech, clean lines, very modern.