Candidate Questionnaire: Molotov Mitchell


Cary, NC — This is the fourth installment of our Candidate 2014 series, in which candidates get to respond in their own words to the same three questions.

As usual, we publish the responses in the order we receive them. Next up is Molotov Mitchell, running for the District 16 seat in the NC Senate.

Q: Why are you running?

I believe that North Carolina is the greatest state in the Union. District 16 is at its heart. As a small business owner here, I’ve supported the great strides we’ve made as a state since 2010, when Republicans were put in charge. With small government conservatives at the helm, we’ve gone from being the 44th worst tax environment in the nation to 17 in just four short years. We’ve seen expansion of liberties and thoughtful economic solutions. We’ve seen the single largest investment in education in North Carolina’s history. But at the same time, I’ve watched the Senator of District 16 vote against all of this progress and engage in irresponsible rhetoric from the Senate well.

In one tirade, he said Republican legislators posed a greater threat to North Carolinians than Islamic radicals. Meanwhile, he has wasted his time on outrageous causes like trying to get transgender curriculum into kindergartens. Worst of all, he acknowledges that he can not get anything done for his constituents but fully expects their votes in this current election because it will help him run for Attorney General, years from now. District 16 desrevs better. We have an economy that’s larger than states, even countries! We deserve a Senator who cares and understands our needs. We deserve a Senator who can get things done for us.

As a Republican, I look forward to working hand in hand with the conservative majority to continue the Carolina Comeback. And I’ll do that by fighting for Privacy (investigating, and if necessary, removing the NSA spy facilities on NC State’s campus), Prosperity (cutting taxes and eliminating unnecessary, job-killing over-regulation) and Protection (taking the safety of my constituents seriously and preserving their Second Amendment rights, among others). The #Liberation of District 16 is Under Way!

Q: What are your top 3 priorities and how will you get it done?

  1. Starting on Day One, I’ll implement my plan to fight for Privacy, Prosperity and Protection. Privacy means investigating, and if necessary, removing the NSA spy facilities on NC State’s campus. Government agents do not have the right to tap your phones or read your emails without a judge-issued warrant. With Molotov Mitchell as your Senator, your Fourth Amendment rights shall not be infringed.
  2. Prosperity means continuing to cut taxes and eliminate unnecessary, job-killing over-regulation. I’m a local business owner and I understand how difficult it can be these days, with so many levies and antiquated restrictions. I’ll fight to free small businesses up and allow them to thrive. We need to continue creating a more attractive business environment in District 16. That will bring in more businesses and more businesses means more jobs.
  3. And finally, Protection. As a firearms and counter-abduction instructor, I understand the threats we face in North Carolina better than anyone. Human trafficking, rape, murder, child abuse, acts of terror, there are so many reasons to be concerned for our communities these days. I will fight to educate and support the public about these threats and provide ways to defeat those threats, as well. One way is to continue supporting the rights of gun owners. This year, I received a “Defender of Freedom” award from the NRA because I believe in the effectiveness of armed and trained citizens as a deterrent to violent crime. As Robert Heinlein so eloquently put it, “An armed society is a polite society.”

Q: Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience.

I’ve been blessed to have a rich diversity of experiences in life. I learned to read in a church-sponsored, inner city outreach program, where I was one of only 3 Caucasian children to attend. Half of my childhood was spent being raised by my single mother before moving to North Carolina to live with my father and step-family. After high school, I spent a year living among the homeless population of North Carolina, in an effort to understand their challenges. It was during this period that I began studying world religions, before ultimately converting to Christianity. As a Christian, I’ve studied and embraced concepts like free will, private property and redemption, themes that would ultimately shape my political worldview.

My wife Patricia and I got hitched in our early twenties. We’ve been happily married for 10 years and have one especially beautiful daughter, Ivy. As members of Mensa, the world’s oldest high IQ society, both of us are thoughtful people. Unwilling to take on school debt, we chose to bypass college entirely. Instead, we spent those critical years creating what would become an award-winning motion picture company. Over the past 10 years, through that company, we’ve created hundreds of projects, traveled the world and reached tens of millions.

I’m also the owner and Chief Instructor of the Triangle Krav Maga schools, where students learn Krav Maga (the official fighting system of Israeli Defense Forces) and firearms skills. I’ve personally taught counter-abduction courses to persecuted Christians in other countries, and hand-to-hand tactics to both regular and special ops units. This year, we traveled to Moldova, the engine for the sex trade in Eastern Europe, to teach women and children rape prevention and counter-abduction.

As a voter, I remained unaffiliated until 2013, but as liberal extremists like my opponent and their policies continued to let the people of District 16 down, both economically and socially, I chose to pick a side and get involved. Far Left extremists like Josh Stein have driven me from my peaceful purple sanctuary into some deep red territory…I’m a Republican now. I am committed. And this year, we are #Liberating District 16.



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8 replies
  1. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    only vote for Molotov Mitchell only if you are done with politics as usual. Molotov will be representing the people that voted for him and not the special interests that (Ahaaam) that other candidate has been doing.

    This man has what it takes so if you want the real deal, vote for Mitchell.!!!

  2. Mark N
    Mark N says:

    Man, all that rape, child abuse, and terror sounds scary, I’m glad I live in NC and not in the Thunderdome.

    Also glad that we don’t live in the Thunderdome: all those companies that answered the recent poll and ranked NC the 3rd best state in the nation for business. They must not know about all the job-killing over-regulation, or something.

  3. Doc Thorne
    Doc Thorne says:

    Sorry Candidate Mitchell, I’m in the persuasion business and, frankly, your presentation leaves me a little cold.

  4. Perin Molitor
    Perin Molitor says:

    The pack the chamber breakfast was excellent. Very informative information on each candidate. Molotov Mitchell seemed to impress the crowd speaking on issues of education, agriculture, and protection. His opponent Josh Stein seemed to have little in him during the debate. The moment Molotov mentioned that he was going to serve a full 2 year term and asked Josh Stein if he was, the debate fell to be very one sided, with Stein showing little motivation and enthusiasm in the debate. Stein also seemed to be taken back that it was found out that despite his big talk about education he voted against raises for teachers and that he called Republicans a greater threat then any terrorist organization. Also on a side note the food was very good.

  5. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Josh Stein was my Senate Rep forever until the NCGA redrew the districts. Trust me, you want Molotov Mitchell representing you, not Josh Stein. Noooooooo. Just say no to Josh Stein.

  6. Tom Smedley
    Tom Smedley says:

    I’ve known Molotov for nearly 15 years, and it has been a delight to watch him in action. He has a FEASIBLE vision of what civil government can do — protect the good guys from the bad guys. Even if those bad guys, who earn their bread by interfering with the lives of peaceful citizens, are wicked on the federal level (the NSA) or the local (non-productive parasitic bureaucrats). Period. Since Molotov already has a Savior, he’s not looking for anyone to grovel before — and he’s not presenting himself as a messianic provider of “education, transportation, health care.” He is a servant, not a savior.

    The messianic urge of SOME folks, what Thomas Sowell called “The Vision of the Anointed,” has a habit of backfiring. However, since “the anointed” are by their own definition infallible (after all, how can x, y, or z be wrong when it FEELS so right?), their machinations lack a feedback loop. (God curse their politics, confound their knavish tricks!) The “war on drugs” has, for example, given the USA, with 4% of the world’s population, 25% of the world’s prisoners. The war on the black family made marriage optional — and only a small proportion of our African American children grow up with two parents. The “war on guns” has made gun-free zones free-fire zones for the crazies. The jurisdictions with the most rigid gun-control laws have the highest rates of firearms homicides — like the home town of a certain “community organizer.”

    H L Menchen called elections “advanced auctions on stolen goods.” Molotov isn’t offering to pick anyone’s pocket on your behalf. Kudos to him!

    Thomas C. Smedley, PhD

    • Dennis Berwyn
      Dennis Berwyn says:

      Yes, GGPR, your three issues are covered by Privacy – Prosperity – Protection. For example Healthcare falls under Privacy and Prosperity, Transit under Prosperity, and Education under Prosperity. And from what I understand, Molotov’s approach is to not spend money that doesn’t exist, like his opponent has said and done, and to not tax the middle class into oblivion like the Democrats have done for the previous 140 years, (until 2010). Just because you don’t hear things the way you expect to hear them, or framed the way the left wing of the Democratic Party paints them, doesn’t mean they aren’t addressed. Take a second look, take a look at the website. Watch the videos, I think you’ll find there is more there, there, than in the current occupant’s empty suit.

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