Hob Nob Jazz Series – A Cary Original

Cary, NC – In another sign of the maturation of the Cary music scene, the Hob Nob Jazz series returns to the Crescent at Booth Amphitheatre tonight for the start of a 4-week run.

Local Musicians, National Players

The series starts Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and runs each Wednesday for the following four weeks. Liz McDonald, Booth Amphitheatre’s general manager, said the shows will create a place for people to gather and hear some Triangle jazz musicians.

“The series highlights local musicians who do not only play locally,” McDonald said.

Each of the jazz artists have large reputations, from the throwback sounds of the Atomic Rhythm All-Stars, to the fast-paced La Fiesta Latin Jazz Quintet, to the eclectic Peter Lamb and the Wolves, to the commanding singer Yolanda Rabun.

McDonald backed up the jazz credentials of the series’ first performer on May 4, Marcus Anderson.

“Marcus has worked with everyone in the world of jazz,” she said, citing the Marsalis brothers, Esperanza Spalding and even Prince’s backing band.

“He’s a multi-talented artist and he lives right here in the area,” she said.


Relaxed Environment and A New Lawn

McDonald said the jazz series fosters a sense of community in Cary and the surrounding Triangle.

“It starts at 5:30 PM so people can come right after work. There’s cornhole, wine and beer, food to nosh on,” she said. “It’s a relaxed environment and while people are here, they can hear some great music.”

The admission per show is $5, with kids under 12 entering for free. McDonald also said the event is dog-friendly. And dogs will have a lot of space to run around because Booth Amphitheatre is just now installing a new lawn that will be open in time for the first show in the series.

“We started in on Monday [April 25, 2016] and it takes about three days to finish,” she said. “Very few feet will have been on there.”

Not only is the lawn new but so is McDonald herself. She is recent to the general manager position and before this, she promoted jazz in Jacksonville, Fla. and said she comes with a passion for the genre.

You can find details on the Hob Nob Jazz Series at Booth Amphitheatre.


Marcus Anderson

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Marcus Anderson and Atomic Rhythm All Stars.