The Cary Scavenger Hunt: Register Early and Save

Cary, NC – While CaryCitizen’s 2016 Cary Scavenger Hunt is still almost three months away, we have an incentive for folks to become what we call “early adopters.” It’s a PROMO CODE.

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What’s The Deal?

Everyone likes a bargain and we have one just for you to thank you for reading and following CaryCitizen. If you are intrigued by the idea of the Cary Scavenger Hunt, use our promocode EARLYBIRD (all caps and one word) and you will save 20 percent on our team registration. But act fast, because as the code implies, it’s for “early birds;” those eager folks who jump on an idea before all the riffraff. Our deadline for this code is Thursday, June 30, 2016. You guessed it! EARLY!

How Much Does a Team Cost?

After that, registration during the summer will go back to $50 per team of four. Which, honestly, is still a deal. What other activity can you name that only costs $50 for four people and includes breakfast, lunch and four t-shirts to wear for the day? Heck, most races cost at least $30 PER PERSON.

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What is The Hunt?

Teams register in advance to compete to find the most answers to our 70 printed clue questions. These questions can be about Cary’s history, public art pieces, parks, greenways, schools, local businesses and more. Teams must figure out the answers, drive to that location and either take a team photo, answer a question or bring back an item as proof of their visit.

What’s new this year? A phone app that will actually REQUIRE that all locations be visited to log in the answers because they will be tied to the team’s locations. That also means teams cannot phone in an answer or look them up on the internet and fill in their findings. Without the location’s geo tag, the answers will not count.

1st place adult team cash!

What Do You Win?

First place teams win $250 in cold hard cash plus a cool trophy to remember the adventure. Second place will win $100 and third place basically wins back their registration fee of $50. There will be a prize for the lowest score too! And just to make things more interesting, many of our sponsors will be raffling cool prizes so many folks can go home winners.

Event Info

CaryCitizen’s 7th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt

Hosted by the Town of Cary
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary
Check in from 8:30-9:30 AM
Teams Return at 1:30 PM, winners announced at 3 PM

Register Here

And remember to use EARLYBIRD as the code until June 30! It will save you 20 percent!

Story by Lindsey Chester.