Cary Parkway

Update on High House/Cary Pkwy Intersection

Cary, NC – Drivers in Cary may have noticed delays when trying to pass through the typically busy intersection of High House Road and Cary Parkway in recent weeks. 


Future Plans For Intersection

The Town of Cary has been planning and designing work on the intersection since 2014. Plans for the intersection are to add new turning lanes but according to Tom Ellis, senior engineer in Cary’s Transportation & Facilities Department, the recent work at High House and Cary Parkway was fiber optic relocation.

“It was not associated directly with the plans for the intersection,” Ellis said.

Currently, all the roads entering the intersection have a left lane, a straight lane and a lane for both right turns and a straight approach. The plan is for three of the four roads to add an additional left lane and a lane for exclusively right turns.

“On the Southbound approach, there won’t be another left turn lane,” Ellis said.

Microsoft Word - Cary Parkway-High House Update Report 1-9-2013

Work Far Ahead

While the town has a schedule already laid out, the actual work of constructing new lanes on the intersection is many months off.

“Right now, we need to work with the DOT (Department of Transportation) and follow their guidelines,” Ellis said.

For now, the town is reaching out to property owners in the area to get agreements with them for the construction and discussing plans.

“If we can’t get our agreements, we will have to go to the Town Council,” Ellis said, adding that the whole process of talking with property owners and submitting plans and agreements will take months. “There’s a lot of steps involved.”

Cary’s Transportation & Facilities Department website said the plan is for construction to run from Spring 2017 to Fall 2017.


Story and photos by Michael PapichPhotos courtesy of the Transportation & Facilities Department.