The Cary Scavenger Hunt- Cluebombs Help Teams Win

Cary, NC – CaryCitizen’s annual event, the Cary Scavenger Hunt takes place Saturday, September 16, 2017 and we are starting to drop some hints, otherwise known as “Cluebombs.”

What’s a Cluebomb and Why Should You Care?

As we prepare our Scavenger Hunt clue destination questions, we visit various places around town. We take photos, find out facts and accumulate a lot of trivia about our town in the process. It’s a lot of fun! We like to share (a little) of this information to pique interest and maybe encourage people to register.

A few years ago we came up with the “Cluebomb” concept. Basically we drop hints about where clues might be located so that people start to pay attention and look places up on GPS or visit our sponsors’ websites. This info can be very useful on the day of the Cary Scavenger Hunt because it will help you plot the best routes and figure out where you are heading in advance which will save you precious time. Our event is a timed event in which teams try to find the most answers between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Every minute counts!

Using our social media channels we post photos and hints, all labelled #cluebomb. We encourage anyone already registered, and those thinking about joining the fun, to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by looking for @carycitizen.

In fact, we’ve already dropped a few hints.

Here’s an Example:

First Cluebomb dropped on June 7

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 we were out in West Cary and posted this photo to Instagram with the phrase

” Can you tell me where this piece of #publicart can be found in #CaryNC? Might come in handy on Sept 16 #cluebombs”.

It went out on facebook too. Several respondents correctly named the park where the sculpture is located. That isn’t exactly the clue question that our teams will see, but it will give them a hint of where they need to go to find our answer. Do you know where to find this?

We visited the sculpture pictured below on another day and decided that the entire four-part series would be fun for our teams to visit. Maybe you know where one of these pieces can be found? If you know where all four art pieces are located and can take photos with them all, your team will be awarded 400 points!

Here are the other three parts of the sculpture series.

Now you get the idea. Start looking for hashtag #Cluebombs and see how many you can find. It’s a mini scavenger hunt before the big day.

Another Helpful Cluebomb?

Pay attention to our sponsors. These folks help make the event possible and become clue destinations in the process. You will still need to visit and perform an activity when you get there. But now you’ll know where to go. It could make the difference between winning and losing.

That’s what a cluebomb is in the Cary Scavenger Hunt.

Event Info:

The 8th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Start: 9:30 AM Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop
Info here:

This event is produced by CaryCitizen and the Town of Cary is our Hosting Sponsor.

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Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.