Mental Health Practice Opens Cary Location

Cary, NC – Wake Counseling and Mediation is expanding its practice with an additional office in Cary, including a new pilot program for groups therapy.

Counseling and Treatment

Manpreet Lehal, M.S., NCC, LPCS and the founder of Wake Counseling and Mediation, said the new Cary location on Executive Circle will keep up their practice of working with patients from adults to teens and children, ages five and older.

“Every therapist has a training they go through for teens,” Lehal said. “When we have a new teenage patient, we have to meet first to evaluate how they’re dealing with their emotions before we decide how best to proceed.”

Services at Wake Counseling and Mediation range from anxiety, depression and PTSD/trauma treatment to couples counseling and mediating family differences and disagreements. Another part of their services is substance abuse, at a time when opioid and heroin abuse rates are growing in Cary and North Carolina in general.

Lehal said they can refer patients with addictions to intensive in-patient care or find NA or AA meetings for them, but she said they also offer evidence-based cognitive and behavioral treatment.

“When one person is struggling with substance abuse, it’s usually related to some other mental health problem and it’s a way to cope,” Lehal said. “We work with that mental health concern while also finding better outlets for coping.”

New Form of Therapy

Lehal said she is excited for the Cary location because it will also be the start of a new pilot program for Wake Counseling and Mediation. These new programs will be group therapy sessions, aimed at teenagers and children.

“This gives children and teenagers a group to feel supported in and evidence has shown it is an effective form of therapy,” Lehal said.

The plan is for these group therapy sessions to start in October.

“We’re trying to offer services not in the community yet,” Lehal said.

Wake Counseling and Mediation’s Cary office is located at 1148 Executive Circle, Suite 6.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Manpreet Lehal.