Candidate Questionnaire: Jennifer Robinson

Cary, NC – This is an installment in our Candidate 2017 series, in which candidates get to respond in their own words to the same three questions.

We publish the responses in the order we receive them. This questionnaire is submitted by Jennifer Robinson, running for District A on the Cary Town Council.

Why are you running?

I am running because I think that it is important for western Cary to have strong representation on the Town Council. Everything that I do as the representative for western Cary, I do to ensure that our community continues to be a place that people want to call “home.”

What are your top three priorities and how will you accomplish them?

My top three priorities are:

1. Ensure development enhances our community

With less than 18% of developable land left, we must create ordinances and policies that govern the review and acceptance of infill development and redevelopment in order to protect the quality of our community.

2. Provide adequate infrastructure that meets the needs of our growing population

New neighborhoods have been established before roads, schools, parks, greenways, and community centers can be built. The recession set us back as we grappled with low revenue growth. We must “catch-up” on the infrastructure we provide, critically assess requests for new development, and encourage our counterparts in Wake County to continue to hasten its school construction.

3. Tackle our budget challenges

Cary has new “normal” for revenue growth since the recession. Unlike the pre-recession years, revenue is not keeping up with population growth. To maintain the services and infrastructure that citizens expect, we must look for new efficiencies within our organization, enable Class A office development, and consider alternate funding mechanisms.

Give us a brief bio and tell us about your relevant experience

I have served as western Cary’s representative to the Cary Town Council since 1999. I believe that impactful elected leaders are visionaries with a strong resolve to get things done. I place a priority on having forward-thinking planning, environmental stewardship, and excellent infrastructure, services and amenities. With a focus on protecting the quality of our community, I hope that the work that we do today will ensure that Cary is a premier place to live for future generations.

In addition to serving on the Council, I work for SAS as its Director of Local Government Solutions. Every day, I help cities across the country use analytics to make informed decisions and become more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of their citizens.

I serve on several national, state, and regional boards that focus on helping cities thrive. I am:

  • a member of the Governing Board for the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC)
  • a member of the Executive Board of the Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG)
  • the Chair of GoTriangle

Additionally, I have served as:

  • a member of the Executive Board for the North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM)
  • the Chair for the NCLM Strategic Plan Committee
  • the Chair for the NCLM General Government Legislative Action Committee
  • the Chair of the TJCOG

Apart from municipal service, I also:

  • serve on the Board of the Northwest Cary YMCA
  • have served on the Board of the Taylor Family YMCA
  • actively fundraise for the YMCA’s We Build People campaign
  • have served on the Board for Read and Feed
  • founded the Cary Community Foundation
  • Co-founded the Cary Women’s Giving Network



Twitter: @JenBRobinson

Facebook: Robinson for Cary (

LinkedIn: Jennifer Robinson (

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