Power Outages Across Cary

Cary, NC – Early this morning, power outages were reported across Cary, affecting around 10,000 residents and Town of Cary facilities.

The power outage, which appears to have happened around 10 AM today, resulted in homes losing electricity, traffic lights going out and town properties closing.

By around 11:30 AM, power began to be restored, including at traffic lights around town.

Update: according to Duke Energy, the power outage was caused by a substation malfunction. All customers connected to the substation, around 12,000, therefore faced an outage. Duke Energy said the malfunction was corrected after 48 minutes.

A map of outages according to Duke Energy

If you do not have electricity at your home, call Duke Energy to report. Only call 911 in the event of an imminent threat.

Duke Energy has not yet described the cause of the outage but we will be providing you with updates as we learn more.

In the meantime, if you have business with the Town of Cary, facilities are currently closed. Instead, you can do your business online at these links:

Story by staff reports. Photos by Duke Energy and sarchi.