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Local, Simple, Seasonal Food at Postmaster

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Cary, NC – With Downtown Cary continuing to grow, the new Postmaster is looking to fill the need for seasonal, local food while keeping it simple for everyone looking to eat out.

Postmaster Cary

Elevated Casual

Postmaster, located on E Cedar Street in Downtown Cary, is owned by Tyler Watt, who also owns Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage on E Chatham Street. Watt’s experience with Pharmacy over the past three years guided him to open his next business in Downtown Cary as well.

“Cary is on the up so there are many places to open this kind of business,” Watt said. “But Pharmacy shows us what people want; they want to go places in Cary. And we have an opportunity to be one of the first here and be influencers.”

With Postmaster – named after the nearby Page-Walker Hotel, started by Cary’s first Postmaster-General Frank Page – Watt said he wants to bring in seasonal, local food and balancing quality with simplicity, including bringing in local beer, wine and liquor.

“It’s casual dining but elevated,” Watt said. “We’ll touch on many styles and techniques while keeping it as local as possible, taking cues from traditional food on North Carolina’s coasts, the Piedmont and the mountains.”

Postmaster Cary

Watt, as well as chefs David Cain and Chris Lopez, said they will make the food as local as they can, although there will be common-sense exceptions for the sake of quality. For example, citrus is not native to North Carolina. But working with primarily local ingredients gives both chefs a unique experience in the kitchen.

“It gives us the opportunity to travel to farms in the state,” Lopez said. “You get to see where the food is coming from and you see the labor that goes into it.”

Cain said it also comes with the gratification that they are sticking to their philosophy.

“One month you’ll be working with a certain kind of pea, then it’s gone,” Cain said. “Also, sticking with local food keeps jobs in the state and that is part of the gratification.”

Postmaster is located at 160 E Cedar St. There is also parking and patio space available.

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Postmaster Cary

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Postmaster. Coverage on CaryCitizen is sponsored in part by Thai Spices & Sushi.