Environmentally-Minded Business Opens First Triangle Location in Cary

Cary, NC – With the Triangle’s wet climate, mold is fairly common and removing it can be hazardous for both buildings and people. Green Home Solutions, a mold-removal company that boasts environmentally-friendly methods, is hoping address those mold concerns as they open their first Triangle location in Cary.

Environment Friendly Mold Clean-Up

Green Home Solutions is a mold removal company with EPA-registered products and treatments, which CEO Jeff Panella said comes in three steps that don’t use what he calls “harsh chemicals.”

“We use a natural enzyme product to remediate mold and it’s environmentally friendly,” Panella said. “We can also use a peroxide-based product to kill bad bacteria such as [staphylococcus] and then we can reset the home with probiotics.”

This environmentally-minded method of removing mold is part of the reason why Panella said Green Home Solutions wanted to open a location in the Cary area.

“People here are health conscious and there are a lot of millennials here who are interested in the environment,” Panella said.

Green Home Solutions also has a location in Greensboro and Panella said this led to referrals across the state.

“When we’re being referred, we know we’re doing something right,” Panella said.

Also, Green Home Solutions’ Chief Development Officer Glen Snyder said they researched markets around the country based on Google search results and Cary and the Triangle stood out.

“There are around 23,000 searches a month in the Triangle about some sort of mold problem,” Snyder said.

How to Avoid Mold

Mold needs moisture to grow so if homeowners and business owners want to avoid mold, Panella said that is the first concern.

“Any water intrusion needs to be fixed,” Panella said.

Green Home Solutions has tests for mold if one suspects they’ve got it, with tests lasting only a few days. There are also post-tests after mold treatment to see if the clean-up worked or not.

Panella also cautioned people about trying to clean or kill mold themselves as mold is dangerous for health and improper methods can spread it faster.

“Some people try to pour bleach on mold but that not only makes the mold go airborne, it can grow off of the water that’s in the bleach,” Panella said.

And if mold goes untreated, it can have more impacts beyond just health.

“Mold impacts the real estate market hugely,” Snyder said. “It puts a screeching halt on any deal.”

Panella also said Green Home Solutions’ methods can get into “nooks and crannies” so if mold is discovered in a house or business, it does not have to be torn apart and rebuilt to remove the mold.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Green Home Solutions and Tobias Eigen.