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Cary Resident Celebrates 50 Years of Volunteering

Cary, NC – April is National Volunteer Month and one Cary resident took that occasion to reflect on what is now 50 years of volunteer work here in the community.

Volunteering for 50 Years

Mary Moore moved to Cary from Charlotte with her husband Ray in 1960 and not longer after she formed her roots here, she started giving her time to local charitable organizations.

“I’ve always volunteered at churches, et cetera, so when my friend asked me to start volunteering with Christian Community in Action I said yes,” Moore said. “At that time, it was in a local church basement.”

Christian Community in Action, now known as Dorcas Ministries, started in 1968 with a Enrichment Kindergarten program to provide education services to lower-income children, as well as adult literacy programs. Moore volunteered with the children, using her experience helping with music at past churches.

All these years later, Moore still said she remembers the children vividly.

“They brought the children to the church basement because they weren’t going to school. One example is how a little boy thought his name was ‘Boy’ and we had to teach him his name,” Moore said.

Mary Moore

What Keeps Her Coming Back

As Dorcas Ministries created its thrift store, Moore donated her time there as well and has continued to volunteer up to today, when she now lives at Waltonwood Cary Parkway.

“When I see people come through the doors it inspires me to give back. No child should ever have to worry about a meal or clothing,” Moore said. “I enjoy giving back to others and making people smile. I spend about two to three hours there each Tuesday. Something as simple as picking up clothes that have fallen off hangers can really change the appearance of the store.”

In the end, Moore said she continues to volunteer her time because it is important to her.

“I like all the people I work with and everyone wants to feel like they are contributing to the world,” Moore said.

Dorcas Ministries

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Waltonwood Cary Parkway and Leslie Huffman.