bu•ku Moving Downtown Location to Cary

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Cary, NC – Since An Asian Cuisine closed in Cary more than a year ago, the landmark building has stayed up and empty. Now, it is being filled as Downtown Raleigh restaurant bu•ku is relocating there, with plans to open in early 2019.

buku restaurant

Big Name in Cary

bu•ku opened in 2010 on E Davie Street in Downtown Raleigh, selling a mix of South American and East Asian food it branded as “global street food.”

Now, bu•ku is closing its downtown location and is moving to the former An location on Renaissance Park Place in The Arboretum. Sean Degnan, who owns bu•ku along with Tony Hopkins, said the quality of the An building makes the transition a “soft landing.”

“There was no expense spared in creating that building. We appreciate the attention to detail put in and want to honor it,” Degnan said. “It has high levels of finishes, artwork and architecture. It’s almost unsurpassed in the Triangle.”

buku restaurant

The former An location, where bu•ku will reopen

Degnan added its Asian aesthetic fits with the sort of food bu•ku serves.

Degnan and his restaurant group have already opened two other restaurants in the area, with a new bu•ku opening in Wake Forest in late June and the South American-focused so•ca open in Cameron Village, so he said he has experience owning restaurants both in and out of a downtown urban environment.

“We take lessons and we learn. I’ve been in restaurants for 25 years and 10 years as an owner,” Degnan said. “We learn and get better each time.”

bu•ku opens in Cary in January 2019 at 2800 Renaissance Park Pl. and will continue to operate in Downtown Raleigh until the end of 2018. bu•ku’s owners also say they are opening a “new concept” in Downtown Raleigh sometime next year.

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buku restaurant

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by bu•ku and An Asian Cuisine.