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Lori’s Blog: Leaving a Legacy in Cary

Cary, NC – Have you ever wanted to memorialize or honor a loved one or commemorate an event in a unique and distinctive way?

Cary has a program to help you do that!

Our Legacy Program allows our community members to mark an occasion or honor an individual in the Town, with the placement towards a tree or bench in the location of your choice. Also included is a personalized plaque on the bench or at the tree location. This unique program provides a long-lasting gift that will continue to not only benefit the community for years to come, but a way to honor that individual or event.

Lori Bush

This program was an idea from a Cary citizen, approved in 2016, with the program finalized and launched in 2017. We’ve had some wonderful installations!

Beautiful Markings

One such installation is the bench along New Hope Church Trail near the Durham County line. This bench was very important to the Cogburn family as Julie would use the Durham County Line as her “touch and return” point when she was running.  This is truly a beautiful example of how we can honor the wishes of our citizens in a way that benefits our entire community.

Lori Bush

Julie’s bench

Lori Bush

We also plant trees in Cary to celebrate all types of events. These plantings play an important role in our natural cycle by not only capturing carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide, but also releasing oxygen. Of course, trees also help prevent flooding and assist with controlling soil erosion, and add value and beauty to our surroundings.

You may have noticed that trees are even planted on behalf of our Hometown Spirit Award winners.

Lori Bush

Sheila Ogle – Hometown Spirit Award winner

Just think of all the ways our citizens can use this program to establish a new family tradition, commemorate a graduation or wedding, celebrate family births, recognize the accomplishments of an organization, or to remember a loved one.

Another Tree Program

We love trees in Cary – it’s why we have nearly 50% tree canopy cover and are proud to have been named a Tree City USA Community for 34 consecutive years.  Our Champion Tree ordinance has saved countless large trees, and when they haven’t been able to be saved, the ordinance has ensured that trees of a similar type were planted, so that the total caliper inches of the trees planted is no less than what was there previously.  So although we might lose a large tree, we are gaining more trees in its place.  It’s not the best solution for those of us that love the large trees, but it helps when we can’t save one.

Trees are special to so many of our citizens.  Have you ever noticed some of the amazing trees around Cary, and wanted to learn more about them?  Or, have you wanted others to know about a special tree?

Here’s your chance! Check out Cary’s Tree Collector program – where you can mark (online) a special tree, or learn more about the ones in our town.  Learn more about trees and our programs at our Tree Planting and Care page.  Of course, you know that data is saved in our Open Data portal, too, right?

Lori Bush

Other Ways to Give

So, is a tree or bench not what you were looking for?  We have other ways for you to mark an occasion.

Engraved Pavers – landscaped pavers are available to personalize at some of our various park facilities.  You can find a list of locations and contact information here.

Lori Bush
Make a difference for a Child
 – you can donate towards a scholarship for programs, classes and camps for those in the community who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate through Cary’s Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources “Play it Forward” Scholarship fund.

From the blog of Cary Mayor Pro Tem Lori Bush. Photos courtesy of Lori Bush.