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Robotic Lawnmower Service Comes to Cary, Morrisville

Cary, NC – Opened in the Triangle earlier this Summer, Robin Autopilot is a new business giving home and business owners the ability to mow their lawns with the help of automated machines.

Robot Lawn-Care

Robin Autopilot opened in the Triangle in June 2018 and lets people sign up for a service where an automated lawn-care machine stays at the home or business and can mow the lawn, trim gardens and even clear leaves and small sticks, all without a human needing to push it around.

The robots operate on 11kW/H of electricity per month, instead of gasoline, making it eco-friendly to operate with the added advantage of no fuel spills occurring in lawns or on driveways. Local franchise owner Randall Thompson said this eco-friendly aspect is one of his selling points to local customers, in addition to the service’s affordability and the reliability of his staff.

“I keep in touch with my customers,” Thompson said. “When we show up at your house or business, we’re in and out. We really do love our customers.”

That reliability also carries over to the robots themselves. Thompson said they are durable and because Robin Autopilot is a service, his customers are not simply left with the robots to maintain, his team will carry out any necessary repairs.

“With certain problems like a wire being damaged, people would need to be educated about it. But with us, we have the parts and can make that repair,” Thompson said.

Cary robot

Robin Autopilot featured on the TV show “Shark Tank”

Automated Assistance

While Robin Autopilot is new to the region, the robotic lawnmower design has been tested, with similar devices in operation in Europe for the past 10 years. Robin Autopilot has also been featured on entrepreneurial TV shows such as “Shark Tank.”

Thompson lives in the Triangle and said he thought Robin Autopilot would fit the Cary-Morrisville area well because of the educated community and types of citizens who live here.

“Cary and Morrisville are some of the best towns in the entire U.S. It’s a great opportunity and it helps with the needs of a lot of the people here,” he said. “There are a lot of doctors and lawyers and other people with full- time jobs that don’t have the time to do things like mow the lawn or clear branches.”

Thompson also said people who have taken up his service have taken to it quickly, with some even going so far as to name their robots.

“I’ll get a call and someone will say, ‘Big Mo’ is out in the yard,” he said.

cary robot

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Robin Autopilot.