Cary Hemp

Hemp Boutique Gives Cary New Option for Anxiety, Pain Treatment

Cary, NC – Now open in Downtown Cary, the Hemp Boutique of Cary has a wide array of hemp and CBD products and wants to introduce anyone interested to how they can help with mental and physical health.

Cary Hemp

Alternative Treatments

The Hemp Boutique of Cary, open on W Chatham Street, sells a range of products with cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical extracted from hemp. CBD interacts with endocannabinoids, neurotransmiters and receptors throughout the body that affect everything from memory, stress, immune system and more.

“Sometimes these receptors overwork or underwork,” said Roland Jones, Hemp Boutique of Cary owner. “With CBD, you can try to balance that system out.”

Jones said they only carry products with proven lab results while also telling customers to consult doctors.

“If it’s a medical problem, I tell them to do their research first,” Jones said.

Cary Hemp

Most customers come to the Hemp Boutique with concerns about anxiety and pain – joint inflammation in particular. When customers first come in, Jones said he offers them a CBD gummy.

“It’s to let people see what it can do for anxiety and stress and how fast it can affect you,” Jones said. “CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive qualities. You can take it and you are still fine to work, to drive, all of that.”

Jones said the store offers discounts to the elderly, whom he said are gravitating toward CBD products for pain relief to avoid side effects in prescription drugs.

Since hemp and CBD’s legalization, the market has grown and Jones said more and more retail pharmacies will begin carrying CBD products soon. Cary’s outgoing Chief of Police Tony Godwin is also on the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Commission and Jones said he has talked with Godwin has visited the store to talk with him.

“We want to follow all the laws and guidelines. Our goal is to promote health and wellness,” Jones said.

Cary Hemp

Different Products for Different Needs

The Hemp Boutique of Cary carries a wide variety of treatments, from topical lotions with CBD in them to food and gummies to their strongest products, which are tinctures and isolates – oils and powders respectively.

“With the tincture, you put a drop on your tongue and it’s absorbed that way,” Jones said. “When someone comes in, we see what they’re going through and try to get a feel from the customer what they need.”

The store has different specialty sections, with one section for beauty products with CBD in them.

“We have CBD soap for eczema and acne. It also moistens the body and you don’t need to take lotion on your skin after,” Jones said.

There is also a section for CBD products for pets. Jones said this is a growing market and the store will likely expand this over time.

“Everything you go through, your pets go through,” Jones said.

Cary Hemp

The store also carries products with small levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis. In the quantities the Hemp Boutique sells, Jones said it does not give customers a high or paranoia but does give a relaxed feeling. The store carries vape pens and hemp cigarettes, as well as honey sticks and hemp flowers – with the flowers grown on North Carolina farms.

“We’re always having new products and we’re looking for what people want,” Jones said. “The community has been very accepting and we have lots of people coming in to learn and wanting to give us a try.”

The Hemp Boutique of Cary is located at 247 W Chatham St.

Cary Hemp

Roland Jones

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by Hal Goodtree.