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Home Cleaning Company Looks to Spread to Cary

Cary, NC – As cleaning businesses grow across North Carolina, a new customizable cleaning company is looking to open in the Cary area with training and data analytics for franchisees.

Cary Business

Customized Clean

Home Clean Heroes started in Virginia close to one and a half years ago and now it is looking to spread. Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, Home Clean Heroes’ parent company, said they expect to be open in and around Cary by the end of 2019.

“Cary is an affluent area and it has a lot of people and many of our competitors are here,” Wilson said. “We’re thinking about the overall market in the region and this is a good location.”

Home Clean Heroes focuses on cleaning homes, with specialty services including cleaning a house for a move-in or move-out, as well as short notice cleaning. With each cleaning, Wilson said the employees start with a walk-through.

“It’s to set expectations of what will and will not be cleaned as they walk around with you in your home,” Wilson said. “It’s also about establishing trust. You are taking someone into your home and having that trust is important.”

There are other steps the company takes to establish trust, such as their “Leave Behinds,” which are branded soaps, candies and other products employees leave after cleaning the home.

“When we go into work with a customer, we expect them to be with us as long as they’re around,” Wilson said. “That’s the kind of trust and confidence we establish.”

Cary Business

Franchise Opportunities

As a franchise business, Home Clean Heroes has opportunities for local residents to get involved and Wilson said they have full guidance on how to run a small business included in that.

“We have got training down to a science for people to be able to run a business for themselves,” Wilson said.

Training includes everything from managing money, to understanding contracts, how to hire and train employees and more. Wilson said Home Clean Heroes also does data analytics on behalf of its franchisees.

Training and hiring employees is also key to how Wilson sees the company keeping its customer base loyal.

“If you get good employees that are well trained, you’ll show the ability to get that phone to ring and make your customers want to stay,” Wilson said.

Within the next few years, Wilson said he expects Home Clean Heroes to have 300-400 franchise locations nationwide.

Cary Business

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Home Clean Heroes.

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