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A Look at Big Dom’s Bagel Shop in Downtown Cary

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Cary, NC – The next time you’re sleepily decrying your early-morning existence, take comfort in the knowledge that things started WAY earlier for the fine folks at Big Dom’s Bagel Shop in Downtown Cary.

Big Dom Bagel Shop

Almost a year ago the Faulisis (Pizzeria Faulisi peeps) took a risk and converted an old chain pizza joint (think conveyor belt pizzas) into what is now the Triangle’s best bagel joint IMHO.

After countless experiments with technique and ingredients, Cary is now the proud home to the Original Dom’s Bagel. This isn’t a NY bagel. It’s better. You heard me.

This is more along the lines of a Montreal-Style bagel, which basically means sweeter (poached in brown sugar water), smaller and SO much crispier. You’ll still get your chewy, creamy, cheesy fix, but it’s even better with the addition of the delicate crisp in that first bite. Dom’s wisely keeps the menu simple: a few flavors, a few well-chosen cream cheeses and a few sandwich options.

Big Dom Bagel Shop

Each bagel is toasted by hand in their belt oven, and if there are folks ahead of you in line, you might be there a few minutes. There is an upright piano right there up front, so sit down and impress everyone with how well you’ve retained the lessons you took 30 years ago. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for my order and it ALWAYS worth the wait. If you’re looking for a morning-after remedy (I’m told), look no further than a toasted Everything with Spicy Pickle and a Blood Orange Soda. You’re welcome.

At our house, any out of town guests are treated to Dom’s on their first morning here in Cary followed by a morning stroll down Academy. If you’re trying to show off our awesome little town, this is the perfect place to start.

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Big Dom Bagel Shop

Story and photos by Melodie Alsberg.