New Downtown Fitness Center Balances the Physical with the Mental

Cary, NC – Cary Fit Project, now open in Downtown Cary, looks to approach fitness by balancing and coordinating the physical, mental and emotional parts of a person’s life, backed by experience from the world of professional sports.

Owner Lindsey De Lorenze (center) with her family at her business the Cary Fit Project that recently opened in Downtown Cary

Finding Balance

Cary Fit Project has its grand opening at its W Chatham Street location on Friday, October 25, 2019 and offers much of what a gym nowadays provides: strength training, boxing, yoga, group classes and one-on-one training. Co-owner Lindsey DeLorenze said what she thinks sets Cary Fit Project apart is how all of their trainers and staff collaborate and learn about their members to offer a program that best fits their needs and their life.

“We adapt to a changing lifestyle and we’re getting involved with those changes,” DeLorenze said, giving the example of a client whose work situation changed and she now has fewer days to come and exercise. “We have to accommodate those needs so we may fine-tune nutrition instead of focusing on strength training, while also looking at how to manage stress and balance.”

That collaborative aspect also makes even group workouts have an element of one-on-one, specified training.

“We have unlimited large group training classes,” DeLorenze said. “It’s a social, fun atmosphere and since we’re all collaborative, you can still have that personalized touch.”

DeLorenze said she and her staff all take this job seriously and she hopes this can be a community for their members.

“We’re all excited to be here,” DeLorenze said. “This is a place where people can go to become a healthier version of themselves.”

Cary Fit Project

Exercise Matching Your Body

DeLorenze has more than a decade of experience playing soccer on a high school, collegiate and professional level and she said her athletic career gives her an insight into the best kind of workouts for clients.

“People don’t want to be in pain and they want to improve performance. It’s the same for athletes,” DeLorenze said. “I have experience with being injured and finding the appropriate training for longevity and durability. It’s a good goal for our clients.”

As an athlete, DeLorenze said she would mostly be in recovery and would have to deal with a lack of balance. Finding a client’s balance is also part of Cary Fit Project, as every new member gets a screening when they start.

“We detect imbalances and figure out what workouts will have low risk with maximum reward,” DeLorenze said. “We tailor the workouts to the body and part of that is finding the asymmetries in the muscle.”

Cary Fit Project is located at 263 W Chatham St.

Cary Fit Project

Story and photos by Michael Papich.