Ashley’s Journal: Demolition of Old Cary Library

Cary, NC — I took a Saturday afternoon walk around the downtown area and noticed that what was once the Cary Library was now a pile of debris and bent metal.

Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrect said, “While it is sad to see the old library gone, it is exciting to think about what new landmark will be built on our signature street.”

Following the old library’s demolition, all debris will be taken off-site for disposal before a second demolition will happen. The old Senior Center building on the back of the same site is slated to be torn down in the third week of March according to Town of Cary staff.

The crews carrying out the demolition are performing what is called a ‘wet’ demolition process to keep dust at bay and protect local residents and downtown visitors. Final cleanup and grading of the site will be done the week of March 30.

Next Steps

According to a briefing shared by Mayor Weinbrect, after both buildings are removed, their former footprints will be graded smooth and covered with grass. The existing 54-space parking lot will be preserved for use by downtown businesses and activities. Safety lighting will be kept and enhanced as needed. A new walkway will be constructed across the cleared area to improve visibility and pedestrian access to the parking lot from Academy Street. The existing streetscape outside of the fence, including the flagpole, public art, benches and trees will remain until further plans are made for the site.

Story and photography by Ashley Kairis.

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  1. Terry Graham
    Terry Graham says:

    With the huge parking lot with the new library I don’t think a new one is needed.

    • Gary Brown
      Gary Brown says:

      I really feel the parking spaces are for the taxpayer-subsidized restaurant (not yet opened) that is on the corner. It’ll save pedestrians from having to cross some traffic intersections if they use other spaces.

      That whole corner is not too pedestrian friendly, especially at rush hours, supper time, etc.

      • Eric Slivka
        Eric Slivka says:

        Keeping the lot for now costs next to nothing and will definitely be convenient for folks needing to visit that side of Academy, and even Cotton House and Mayton Inn across the street…much more convenient than parking in the deck. It will of course all go away when the library site is redeveloped, but nice to have for now.

        And the restaurant on the corner (MC’s) opened three weeks ago.

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