Lori Bush: Should I Vote for the Cary Bonds?

From the blog of Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large member.

Cary, NC – We are all being bombarded by political ads.  It’s the season for it, for sure.  But there are a number of other measures on the ballot that also require our attention.  One of those, is the Cary Bond referendum.  (I should probably say “referendums” since there are 3 on the ballot.) Read more

Bonds on the Ballot for Cary Voters in November

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Have you been watching the political conventions these last couple of weeks? I have. Closer to home, we’ll have a bond issue on the ballot in Cary this November, but you’ll have to exert yourself to cast your vote. Read more