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Cary Hosts First-Ever BMX Freestyle Competition for the Olympics

Cary, NC – For the first time ever, the 2020 Olympics will include BMX freestyle as one of its sports. In early October, Cary will host BMX athletes from around the world to compete and earn points for the Olympics. Read more

Bike to School Day in Cary

Cary, NC – Even in a town as bike-friendly as Cary, there is still lots of car traffic, especially in the mornings when parents are dropping their kids off at school. To give students a change of pace, four elementary schools participated in this year’s National Bike to School Day. Read more


Transportation: Me & My Elf


Cary, NC — You may have seen this strange little green vehicle on the road around Cary. In case you were wondering who’s in that thing, it’s me. Read more

cary cycling race

Cary Cycling Race Pictures

Brian Speice Photography-5Cary, NC — We sent our summer photo intern, the fabulous Brian Speice, to take some pictures of Cary’s first “closed loop” cycling race downtown.

Cary Cycling Race Pictures

The race, called the Orange Star Criterium, was put on by Town of Cary and Cycling Spoken Here. Big ups to both of these fine organizations for expanding the envelope in Cary.

But information has been scarce for the general public. Is it a secret? Readers are invited to browse our sources in case more details become available.

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Brian Speice Photography-14

cycling race

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