Lori Bush: My Take on the Biennial Survey

From the blog of Lori Bush, used with permission. Lori is an At-Large representative on Cary Town Council

Cary, NC – They say the best way to find out what someone likes, or dislikes, is to ask them.  And that’s what Cary does every other year.  The latest Cary Biennial survey was presented to Town Council this week, and the results look pretty good. Read more

Lori Bush: Davis & High House Projects Start Rolling

Story by Lori Bush, republished from Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – The construction trucks are starting to roll at Davis Drive and High House, so get ready for some changes to occur.

Two projects are slated to begin this month at that intersection – at 2 of the 4 quadrants. Searstone is a project that has several components already started – the roads, lights, and trees have been down for quite some time.  You might also remember that Bradford was the controversial development that launched many citizens into action when it was proposed and finally approved in 2007. Read more

Lori Bush: Way to Wow Them!

Story by Lori Bush, republished from

Cary, NC – So many times we are focused on “what’s wrong” or “what needs to be fixed,” instead of celebrating great news, and great service. Well, I saw GREAT service last week provided by the Town of Cary Public Works department. Read more