Super Bowl Recipes for Panthers Fans

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Cary, NC — The Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl, and, without a doubt, area fans will be celebrating Sunday night with themed snacks and parties. I did some research to find easy, tasty Panthers-themed party recipes for loyal fans. Read more

Lobster rolls

Superbowl Eats: New England Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls

Cary, NC — In recognition of the Seahawks, CaryCitizen published a recipe for Seattle Hot Dogs last Thursday. But, if you’re a Patriots fan, this is your week. Here’s a recipe for New England Lobster Rolls and, if you’re a lobster-newbie like me, a “cheater’s” recipe for the same dish made with crab meat instead. Read more

Seattle dogs

Superbowl Eats: Seattle Dogs

Seattle dogs

Cary, NC — While folks in Cary may be disappointed that our Panthers are not playing in Superbowl XLIX, we can still host a party and watch the big game on Sunday, February 1, 2015.  Read more


Recipe: Classic Super Bowl Chili


Cary, NC — The Panthers didn’t make it to Super Bowl XLVIII, but on February 2, 2014, Cary-ites can still enjoy a good party while we watch the commercials and check out Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ halftime show. Read more

Recipes: Go Coastal With Your Super Bowl Party


Recipes provided by Chef Vance Campbell of Kroger Supermarket at Laura Duncan Village location on Rt 64. Photo by Robin Sampson.

Cary, NC – It is the Battle of the Bays this year as the Baltimore Ravens face the San Francisco 49ers. Here are two regional recipes that are sure to please, no matter what team you like.

Read more

Beer for Super Bowl Sunday

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Felix.

Cary, NC – To those of you who followed the Panthers Beat this year, thanks.  They had a heck of a year.

If you are a football fan, you know that last week was one of the best weekends for NFL football all year – the NFC and AFC Championships.

I can’t think of many things better than being parked on my couch on Sundays in the fall. Unless it’s with a good beer.

So I got to thinking. There are four pretty darn good breweries in those towns. Baltimore, San Francisco, New York, and Boston.

Why not write about those great cities’ great beers? Read more

Super Bowl Recipe: Chef Al’s New York Pretzels

Recipe by Chef Alan Panzer from the Kroger store in Apex, NC.

If you are throwing a Super Bowl party this Sunday, be prepared to satisfy your New York Giants fans with a proper snack. You can’t go wrong with hand-rolled, hand-twisted, fresh-baked pretzels — hey, after all, they are a New York tradition — everybody loves ‘em! Read more

Super Bowl Recipe: New England Clam Chowder

Story by Dean Ogan, owner of Rocky Top Hospitality. Photo by Lynn Gardner.

Cary, NC – Old-fashioned New England style clam “chowda” is sure to score with your guests at your Super Bowl Party no matter who wins the game. Read more

Superbowl Recipe: Squeaky Cheese and Other Green Bay Treats


Story by Hal Goodtree. Photographs: Cheese Curds by Ross Grady, Brat Sandwich by Seth Swain and Leinenkugel by Brian Hechel.

Cary, NC – This year’s Superbowl match between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers is epic in so many ways.

Last week, we ran a recipe for Pittsburgh’s Famous Primanti sandwich. This week, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about enjoying food the Green Bay way.  Read more

Superbowl Recipe: Pittsburgh’s Famous Primanti Sandwich


Story by Leslie Huffman, Photo by Kimberly Chance

Cary. NC – One more week until the big game. Yes, the Super Bowl! Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I know that nothing is more sacred to someone from the Burgh than the Steelers. And, what better to eat while watching the big game than with a famous Primanti Brothers sandwich? Here, we’ll reveal the “secret” recipe so you can make this Pittsburgh version of comfort food right here in Cary. Read more