Shop Cary: Lochmere Pavilion

Story & pictures by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – There are so many interesting places to shop, eat and do things in Cary. As far as small shopping centers, Lochmere Pavilion is one of the most charming.

Smart Development

Lochmere Pavillion is built like a ‘+’ sign, with a small, central piazza around a fountain.

This design – parking around the outside with pedestrian common areas connecting all the shops – makes Lochmere Pavilion seem like a destination, not just a strip center.


Interesting Retailers

Maybe it’s the development, maybe it’s the neighborhood or maybe it’s just serendipity, but LP has an interesting collection of shops and businesses.

Perhaps the best-known is Java Jive, featuring homemade baked goods, coffee, smoothies and more. It’s got an eclectic atmosphere filled with exotic goods from far away lands as well as local crafts and art work.

Bocci is a popular trattorria and pizzeria. They have a lovely outdoor eating area off the main fountain.


Anytime Wine has everything for lovers of the grape. In addition to an impressive selection of bottles, they have wine accessories, chocolate and even a Summer Wine Dinner on August 14.

Swagger sells “Gifts with Attitude.” It’s a place where you’ll find unique items for bath, home, garden, travel and entertaining. It’s a great place to find something unexpected and wonderful for a birthday or as a house gift. It’s a most unusual place.

J. F. Gemelli has a salon at Lochmere Pavilion. And you can find a number of other necessary services including Dry Clean City and Land’s Florist.

There’s a Triangle Pilates and Yoga Studio and Fitness Together, a one-on-one gym. B. Roman Day Spa completes the eclectic mix of retailers.

Shop Cary

Wherever you live in Cary, Lochmere Pavilion is a nice place to meet friends, do a little shopping or catch a bite to eat. It’s worth the trip.

This is the first in a series called “Shop Cary,” highlighting fun and interesting places around town. It’s easy to support our friends, neighbors and the local economy if we know where to go.

Look for our Shop Cary posters around town over the next few weeks. If you’d like a poster for your business, contact Associate Publisher Lindsey Chester.

And, by all means, let us know your favorite shops, restaurants and businesses around town. Keep those cards and letters coming!


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