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From the blog of  Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht, covering the week through December 12, 2010

Citizens Helping Cary

Monday started with a staff member meeting. This staff member is part of the Town of Cary LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Development) class of 2011. Her project studies the Planning, Engineering, and Parks Departments public involvement process and looks for ways to improve. I talked about many of the experiences I have had with public involvement including some when I was not in office. I believe public involvement is essential in understanding and meeting the needs of our community.

Later Monday I met with two members of the Raleigh Alumni Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. They wanted to continue their community service and assistance in Cary. They were looking to me for my ideas on community needs and where they could be most effective. Cary is one of the most blessed towns in the country but we still have needs. I talked about some of the poor and neglected people in Cary especially the elderly. It is my hope that these ladies and their fellow alumni will have a significant impact on our community.

Tuesday I met with the town manager in our weekly meeting. Mayor Pro-Tem Robison also joined us via the phone. We talked about half a dozen issues including transit and Chatham County. I think it should be pointed out that there are probably at least three dozen current issues at any given time.

Wednesday morning I was part of the ABC 11 food drive. I went on the air at 7:25 AM and challenged our community to step up and help those in need. I also gave the challenge on a local radio station. While the food drive truck was almost empty at that time of morning, there were several people dropping by with donations and food. My key messages, which hold true throughout the year, were:

  • These are tough economic times which have had a devastating effect on some of our most productive and talented citizens.
  • Cary is only as strong as its weakest members so we all need to come together to help our friends and neighbors.
  • Cary is an extremely fortunate community and we should share our blessing with those less fortunate.

Cary Employee Luncheon

Wednesday around noon I had the honor and pleasure of attending the Town of Cary employee luncheon. One of the things I enjoy the most is shaking the hands of all employees who line up to eat. This year I was able to shake almost 700 hands. Once everyone was seated the town manager and I gave a few words of thanks. I honestly believe there isn’t a better municipal staff in the state of North Carolina. Cary is blessed to have over 1100 employees that honestly care about those that live, work, and raise a family here.

Transit Plan

Thursday I, along with the town manager, met with David King of Triangle Transit. He wants to start holding weekly meetings to focus on the transit needs of the communities in Wake County. To be more specific to Cary, he would want to know what it would take for the majority of Cary citizens to support a transit plan for the region. It will be my job to find the transit improvements that would be most beneficial to Cary and make sure they are part of the transit plan. This would certainly mean multi modal transit which means all types of transit. I would think expanded bus service would be a good starting point.

Cary PD Promotions: Trust and Respect of Citizens, Best of the Best

Friday I had the huge honor of being the keynote speaker at the Cary Police Department Promotion Ceremony. Officers being promoted were Corporals Powell, Roberts, and Stewart, Sergeants Brame, Huser, and Leonard, Lieutenants Wilkins and Williams, and Captain Dezomits. My message focused on trust and respect of citizens. Excerpts from my comments include:

“As public servants we must always work on continuing to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our citizens. It is the charge given to all Town leaders, and the confidence placed in those being promoted tonight…To our officers being promoted tonight, our Cary citizens have the utmost respect for you but expect a lot from you. As leaders in your department, you have to set the standard for integrity, accountability, and fairness. You have to promote teamwork and motivate those around you to go the extra mile…in closing, I am in awe of you; I am thankful for you, and proud of each and every one of you. You’re the best of the best, and I couldn’t be happier you are in Cary.”

Holiday Events

Saturday I participated in the annual Cary Jaycees Christmas Parade. It was the first parade I have been a part of where it rained. But it seemed like folks were having a good time anyway. Crossroads Ford provided a beautiful red mustang convertible but we had to ride with the top up because of the rain. I waved, wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and threw candy to the kids. I really enjoy being a part of this and consider it a privilege of the office.

Saturday night I attended one of many Christmas parties I will be going to during the holiday season. With all the private luncheons and parties I will have to do a little more exercise if I am going to maintain my weight.

Mailbag: Apartments, Burglaries, Being Green

This week most of the emails focused on the apartment proposal for Tryon Road and Cary Parkway. Many of the writers combined their comments with complaints about the recent rash of burglaries in Lochmere. Since these emails the applicant has decided to postpone his proposal until our first January meeting. I also received a few emails about actions the town is taking to become more environmentally friendly.

Next week will continue to be busy with a work session on legislative authority and tax increment financing, followed by a taping of Cary Matters, and a council meeting on Thursday.

Well that is all for this week. My next post will be on Sunday, December19th. Please feel free to email me with a comment.

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