Super Skippers Win Gold

Super Skippers perform at Chapel Hill competition March 5

Story by Connie Freeman, photo by Blair Booth

Cary, NC- The Cary YMCA Super Skippers brought home 34 overall medals —  12 of which were gold – from a regional jump rope competition in Chapel Hill recently. The Super Skippers won more than half of the total medals at the event.

Attended by competitive jump rope teams across the state, the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympic qualifier on March 5, 2011 at UNC’s Fetzer Gym was hosted by the SkipSations! team of Chapel Hill.

For the overall medals, which are medals awarded for top positions across several events, the Super Skippers swept the gold, silver and bronze medals in the 11-12 males age group;13-14 females age group for singles; the 13-14 age group for pairs; 18-22 age group for pairs and 15-17 age group for Double Dutch.

Overall medals were awarded as follows:

  • 11-12 males: Gold, Nick Higgins; silver, Matthew Russell; bronze, Justin Freeman
  • 13-14 males: Gold, Graham Booth
  • 15-17 males: Silver, John McGarrahan
  • 18-22 males: Silver, John Mangum; bronze, Hunter Adams
  • 8 and under females: Bronze, Kendall Brockman
  • 9 females: Bronze, Andrea Fortunato
  • 11 females: Gold Ashleigh Steadman
  • 12 females: Gold, Hailey Haymond; bronze, Ronnie Shvueli
  • 13-14 females: Gold, Kristin Andrejko; silver, Catherine Shaw; bronze, Alex Davis-Isaac
  • 15-17 females: Gold, Becca Purser
  • 18-22 females: Gold, Lauren Warzecho; bronze, Amy Tarquini
  • 11-12 pairs: Bronze, Madison McClellan and Ronnie Shvueli
  • 11-12 pairs Gold, Hailey Hammond and Ashlyn Worthington
  • 13-14 pairs: Gold, Emily Jahn and Graham Booth; silver, Catherine Shaw and Alex Davis-Isaac; bronze, Anna Sun and Sienna Standfield
  • 15-17 pairs: Gold, Becca Purser and Ellen Emerson; bronze, Becca Furth and Kaitlyn Russell
  • 18-22 pairs: Gold, Lauren Warzecho and Grace Forster; silver, Olivia Enright and John Mangum; bronze, Hunter Adams and Dan Thompson
  • 12 and under Double Dutch: Silver, Justin Freeman, Ashlyn Worthington, Abby Strickler, Nick Higgins
  • 13-14 Double Dutch: Gold, Morgan Adams, Nicole Enright, Matthew Russell and Graham Booth; bronze, Jessica Du, Anna Sun, Hannah Campbell and Emily Jahn.
  • 15-17 Double Dutch: Gold, Kaitlyn Russell, Ellen Emerson, Becca Purser and Becca Furth; silver, Hannah Butler, Catherine Shaw, Alex Davis-Isaac, Claire Ridout; bronze, Kristin Andrejko, John McGarrahan, Taylor Ross and Sienna Standfield

The Super Skippers swept the medals in more than 20 categories, winning gold, silver and bronze in the 13-14 females age group for singles speed and power; 15-17 females age group for singles power; the 18-22 females age group for singles speed; 13-14 age group for pairs speed and power; 13-14 and 15-17 age groups for select Double Dutch speed and power events; 11-12 males age group for singles; 13-14 and 15-17 females age groups for singles; and the 13-14 age group for pairs freestyle.

All Super Skippers participants, both boys and girls, qualified for the AAU Junior Olympic competition to be held this summer in New Orleans.

Congratulations rope Skippers!

Here’s a video of their 2011 AAU performance:super skippers