Get Ready for the Pollen

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree

Cary, NC – The buds are fat on the pine trees and the sweet gums. My younger daughter already has watery eyes.

Tree-pollen season generally lasts from March through May in the Piedmont. While you can suffer in silence, here are a few tips for coping with the pollen.

Cover Outdoor Furniture

Our screened-in porch gets thick with a yellow layer of pollen.

We pull the cushion indoors and throw drop clothes over the furniture.

Garage Your Car

I heard somewhere that pollen can corrode the finish of your car.

In any event, keeping the car in the garage will cut down on the number of car washes you’ll need between now and May.

Close Your Windows

It’s tempting, one might say tantalizing, to throw open the windows during the warm spring weather.

During the height of pollen season (when the sidewalks are yellow), you might want to keep the windows shut.

Pollen even gets in through the garage – we keep the garage door closed as well.

Allergy Sufferers

Doctors recommend staying indoors. Well, that’s not always a practical suggestion.

My daughter gets by with over-the-counter eye drops. Sufferers with more severe symptoms may want to see their doctor about a prescription-strength remedy.

One interesting idea is for allergy sufferers to change their clothing after spending time outdoors. Makes sense. A quick shower might help as well.

Local Honey

An old-time Carolina remedy for pollen allergies, as reported on WCSC Charleston, is a teaspoon a day of local honey.

The theory is that the local bees are exposed to the same allergens as local people and the honey provides some type of immune support.

Try putting the honey in a glass of sweet tea. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy a refreshing beverage.

What’s Your Remedy?

If you have a tip for coping with pollen season, share it with other CaryCitizen readers on our website.