Gardening: What To Do After Heavy Rains

Cary, NC – As you likely noticed, Cary had some very heavy rainfall this week, which can cause problems for your garden. So for this storm and future ones, here are some tips on how to help your garden after it rains. Read more

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Dorian and Cary: What to Expect

Cary, NC – Hurricane Dorian is currently wreaking extreme destruction in the Bahamas and now headed for North Carolina. While Dorian will not be as catastrophic when it hits Cary, it will still be a very powerful storm and it’s important to get prepared and informed ahead of time. Read more

Downtown Cary

Intense Summer Heat in Cary: What to Know

Cary, NC – Temperatures are near record highs this Summer, and currently, central North Carolina is under a heat advisory after already going through an excessive heat warning over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know about local temperatures and how to stay safe.

Read more

Predictions About Ice in Cary are Exaggerated

Cary, NC – Around Cary, residents are talking online about fears of ice and freezing weather while stocking up at the grocery store. But according to weather reports for the week, these concerns are overblown to say the least. Read more

Gas Prices

Rising Cary Gas Prices Temporarily Halt as Weather Slows Demand

Cary, NC – After gas prices significantly dipped at the end of 2018, Cary drivers saw prices climb back up recently due to crude oil costs and refinery maintenance in the past weeks. However, now with cold weather slowing demand nationwide, local motorists will have a temporary break in prices going up. Read more

Downtown Cary

After Sudden Heat, Cary Braces for Cold and Rain

Cary, NC – February weather has been hard to predict in Cary, with temperatures in the high 70s last week and then suddenly bracing cold. To help you plan, we have the forecasts for the rest of February. Read more


Cary Braces for Coldest Temperatures of the Winter

Cary, NC – Even with a snow storm in early December, the temperatures expected today tonight and early tomorrow in Cary are the lowest all Winter, and residents should prepare in advance. Read more


Snow in Cary This Weekend Unlikely

Cary, NC – With temperatures dropping and high winds blowing, there is talk of snow in Cary this weekend as rain comes. Well, good news or bad news depending on who you are, but weather forecasts make snow in Cary look unlikely. Read more

Photos: Snow Day in Cary

Cary, NC – Snow started falling early Sunday morning, December 9, 2018, dropping at least six inches in most of Cary before turning to rainy mix in the afternoon. We knew our Facebook fans would be outside snapping photos of the #Snowmageddon, and asked for their contributions for a post of snow photos. Read more

Cary Snow

Cary Hit By Snow Sunday and Monday

Cary, NC – Weather forecasts predicted frost and snow in Cary but we got more than we bargained for, with between six and nine inches of snow on Sunday and more snow coming on Monday. Read more