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Hurricane Dorian and Cary: What to Expect

Cary, NC – Hurricane Dorian is currently wreaking extreme destruction in the Bahamas and now headed for North Carolina. While Dorian will not be as catastrophic when it hits Cary, it will still be a very powerful storm and it’s important to get prepared and informed ahead of time.

Hurricane Coming This Week

Dorian is expected to hit North Carolina on Thursday, September 5, 2019. The National Weather Service forecasts hazardous weather from Wednesday, September 4 evening through to Friday, September 6, 2019. Public schools across Wake County are closed on Friday, and you can find a complete list of closures and delays online.

Right now, heavy rainstorms are only predicted for this Thursday, including lightning and winds moving at least 20 miles per hour. Strong winds are also forecast for Friday, though not as fast, and less rain is predicted as well. Rainfall is predicted to start Wednesday night.

Dorian will likely move along the Outer Banks, where wind speeds could move into the triple digits. This lessens the impact of the hurricane on the Cary area, but with the size of the Category 3 storm, Central North Carolina could still fall under a significant amount of dangerous weather.

At the same time, Hurricane Dorian is widening as it moves north. This means more of the storm could impact Cary, but as the hurricane widens, this means wind speeds are less intense but rainfall is more distributed so Cary could see more rain than was initially predicted.

Cary Hurricane

Likely paths for Hurricane Dorian

Part of the problem with Dorian is it is acting very different from hurricanes in recorded history. Part of the reason it is causing so much havoc in the Bahamas is because it is not moving in an ordinary pattern, with the storm parking over parts of the island and even backtracking to some degree.

There are currently many computer models trying to predict Dorian’s path north but with an unusual storm such as this, the best we can do is provide you with the most up-to-date information and share more details as they come in.

How to Prepare

Now is the best time to start preparing for the hurricane incoming. For starters, while it’s unclear just how strong the storm that hits Cary will be this week, make sure to stay up to date on possible calls to evacuate as well as warnings about boiling water and other public health notices related to the storm.

Put together an emergency kit. That includes potable water, non-perishable food, flashlights with fresh batteries and any medicine or first aid supplies you may need. It’s also a good idea to keep your phone fully charge and have cash on hand. Have that packed and ready and know where it is in case you need your kit in a moment’s notice, and plan for about three days worth of supplies. Keeping a change of clothes for you and your family on hand is also a good idea.

Similarly, keep your car good to go. Ahead of the storm, have it fully gassed or fully charged and check on your tires. While a car can be helpful in an emergency situation, do not attempt to drive through flood waters or over debris blocking your path, as this could damage your car or worse.

Right before a storm, take as much from outdoors inside as you can. Flying debris is a significant cause of injury during a hurricane. Similarly, during the storm, stay away from windows as broken glass can be a danger in extreme winds. Stay on the lowest floor you can, provided it is not a flooding risk.

But most of all, use your community to your advantage. Talk with your neighbors and create a plan to help each other in the event of emergency.

(And double checking your insurance information is not a bad idea either)

Hurricane Florence

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