Photos: Snow Day in Cary

Cary, NC – Snow started falling early Sunday morning, December 9, 2018, dropping at least six inches in most of Cary before turning to rainy mix in the afternoon. We knew our Facebook fans would be outside snapping photos of the #Snowmageddon, and asked for their contributions for a post of snow photos.

We received more than 150 contributor photos on the one post yesterday, and we are publishing the best of the group here today. Enjoy!

Schools were closed for Monday, December 10, 2018. Then, Surprise! More snow today, which could accumulate to be as much as three more inches. We encourage everyone to STAY home as the roads are not in good condition due to low temps and a wintery mix of rain, sleet, and snow. If you do not need to be driving, please stay home safe and warm. We hear by this weekend that temperatures may climb to the 50s and wash all of this away.

Photo by Rachael Anderson Ayscue


photo by Ashley Arya

Photo by Heather Roberts

Photo by Dawn Marshall Seldon

Photo by Melissa Mills Hubbard


Photo submitted by Adrienne Michelle Crane Stewart via facebook

Photo by Sarah Sto


Photo by Ricci Treffer

Photo by Kristie Almira


Photo by Jennifer Ann


Photo by Kristen Lynn


Photo by Kathy McManamy Edwards


Photo by Vanita Sehgal


Photo by Ursula Rothstein Ellis


Photo by Sheetal Mishra

Family Portraits

Photo by Kirsten Bilteau Nicholas


Photo by Jim Lynch


Photo by Vanita Sehgal


Photo by Kinckini Hazra


Photo by JoJo Carroll


Photo by Melvenia Gray


Photo by Jill Marie Fuller

And A Plane De-Icing

Photo by Vikul Gupta

Safe travels everyone. We hope by Wednesday schools are open and life gets back to normal. Don’t drive if you don’t have to.

From your friends at CaryCitizen who are all working from home today.

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Photo credits attached.