Cary Braces for Coldest Temperatures of the Winter

Cary, NC – Even with a snow storm in early December, the temperatures expected today tonight and early tomorrow in Cary are the lowest all Winter, and residents should prepare in advance.

Coldest Day of the Winter

If you have been outside in Cary today, you have already felt how cold temperatures are. Although there are relatively clear skies and it is sunny out, it is below freezing with an average of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you have not spent much time outside today, you should be able to hear the wind, which can be anywhere from eight to 10 miles per hour today, making temperatures feel even colder.

What’s worse, temperatures will only get lower as the day goes on. Nighttime temperatures are expected to drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, not taking wind chill factor into account.

With these temperatures, it will be even colder in Cary than when we had our snow storm back in December 2018, when temperatures were around the mid-20s. One positive for local residents is there is no risk of snow this week, with weather expected to be very dry during this latest cold spell. By the time rain comes in near the end of the week, temperatures should be back above freezing and wind speeds will be significantly lower.

Steps to Take

While there should not be any snow as a result of this serious cold spell, that does not mean there are not risks. For starters, make sure any pets are inside your home, particularly at night as temperatures get even lower. Also, any children should be properly bundled up and clothed and try and keep your children outside today at a minimum.

Freezing temperatures can also cause problems for your plumbing. Check around your home for any spigots or outside faucets and make sure they are fully turned off. At night, set your faucets to drip, which can prevent freezing. Not only will frozen pipes mean you have difficulty getting water out but they can expand and burst, which is a much larger problem.

Cold weather is also a good excuse to check your home for any leaks and gaps. Heat can escape through these and not only keep you cold but cost you more on your heating bill. Check around your doorways, windows and generally see if you can feel cold air where you should not.

Currently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is designating North Carolina as a low flu activity state but low temperatures can still increase your likelihood of getting sick. Stay warm, stay hydrated and keep an eye on your health.


Story by staff reports. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

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  1. Mark Neill
    Mark Neill says:

    “…low temperatures can still increase your likelihood of getting sick…”


    No, not since the times when bleeding humours from people to rid them of bad blood was cutting-edge medicine, has cold weather increased your chance of getting sick. Why do people still say this?

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