Columbia Journalism Review Covers CaryCitizen

Cary, NC – Right on the heels of our Knight Foundation Fellowship comes news that CaryCitizen is the subject of an article in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR).

News Frontier

During the winter, CaryCitizen was interviewed for inclusion in the News Frontier Database, a Special Project of CJR.

News Frontier tracks the development of community news in the digital age, also called hyperlocal journalism. CaryCitizen is hyperlocal in the sense that we predominantly cover one town – Cary – with news gathering, editorial and publishing practices that represent a change from newspapers and TV.

From the article by Victoria Rau:

The site makes a conscientious effort to be nonpartisan, and also works to ensure a sense of inclusiveness by moderating its comment forums. Goodtree has strong feelings about the importance of this practice: “We adopted a comments policy, which is nothing insulting, gratuitously mocking, or gloating,” he explains. “That’s something you don’t see in major media, because they are encouraging controversy.”

Thanks All Around

It’s good to see Cary on the cutting edge of new media. Congratulations to all our editors, writers, photographers and loyal evangelists.

Read the entire article: Columbia Journalism Review: CaryCitizen.