This Week’s Survey: Railroad Development in Cary

Survey by Photo by Ben Loudtiger.

Cary, North Carolina – Since last week’s survey on a proposed $10,000 Tax Credit for New Home Construction proved so popular, we’ve decided to try it out as a regular feature. This week, we want to know what you think about proposed rail development in Cary.

Results of Last Week’s Survey

Our survey last week asked readers what they thought about The New Home Purchase Act, a $10,000 tax credit for buyers of new home construction.

New Home Purchase Act
Survey Says: 77% Against

Results are from April 17, 2011. We’ll leave this survey open for a couple of more weeks. Go to last week’s survey.

This Week’s Survey: Railroad Development in Cary

Proposals for railroad development throughout the Triangle are gaining steam. What do you think?

Supporters cite the economic and quality of life benefits with having a 21st century mass transportation grid. They point to advanced rail developments in Europe and Asia, and to cities with dysfunctional transportation like Atlanta and Los Angeles, as alternate visions for our future.

Opponents object to the costs of building a rail grid in the Triangle and are skeptical about the necessary population density in our area to ever support such an expensive system.

Tell us what you think about proposed rail development in Cary. You can also read more in our earlier story Transportation: Triangle Moves Forward.

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