Summer Program: Zumba, Knife Skills and Pet Ed

Story from staff reports. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, N.C. – The 2011 Summer Program Brochure has just been released by the Town of Cary. Of interest: for the first time, programs are listed for the new Cary Arts Center, under construction downtown. Also new: Zumba, knife skills and Pet Ed.

The new brochure, which runs to 104 pages, lists special summer events, all the town venues and parks, programs by category, maps, contact information, registration forms and a whole lot more information.

Cary Arts Center

For the first time, the new downtown Cary Arts Center is listed in the program brochure. Here are some of the events listed:

  • Sunday, July 12 – From Vision to Blueprints: A Roundtable Discussion with Artists involved with the design and renovation of new arts center (3 PM – Free)
  • Saturday June 18 – Cary Arts Center Open House (10 a.m to 1 p.m.)
  • Saturday July 23 – The 2nd Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt (woo-hoo!)
  • Thursday-Sunday, Aug 4-7 – As You Like It, by William Shakespeare
  • Saturday, August 13 – Cary Youth Video Project Premiere
  • Saturday, August 13 – Cary Arts Center Dedication Day

Other Summer Brochure Highlights

There is surely something for everyone in the summer brochure, from recreational sports to artist workshops and from foreign language study to concerts, trips and birthday parties.

Here are a few things we spotted that are new this year:

  • Pet Ed – Fun and Games with Your Dog (age 16 & up). Runs June 15 to July 20.
  • History – Southern Campaigns of The American Revolution. 4 sessions.
  • Music – Global Hand Drumming (age 14 & up). Runs August 9-30 (4 sessions).
  • Cooking – Knife Skills (age 16 & up).  August 10.
  • Fitness – Zumba® (age 16 & up). Two sessions, July 11-Aug 1 and August 8-29.

Get the Summer Program Brochure

You can find a program by perusing the topics list on the Town of Cary website:

Programs list by topic

You can also download the program brochure here:

Cary Summer Program Brochure – PDF

For a printed copy of the Summer Program Brochure, stop by at any Parks & Rec staffed facility (i.e. Hemlock Bluffs, Page-Walker, Sk8 Park).