Kraig the Garage Guy Moves to Cary

Cary, NC – A while ago, we reported on Garage Brothers of Raleigh. Kraig Bantle of Cary started the company in 2007. He cleans out your attic or garage for free.

Seems his latest job was cleaning out his Raleigh location and moving to 303 East Durham Road in Cary. The new location opened on May 1.

Garage Brothers – Business is Good

Garage Brothers works with 7 charities to which they donate objects. Other items are sold. Still others are recycled.

They will keep some of the function of the Raleigh location and use it as a drop off pick site. But they chose Cary as their new store front.

The owner, Kraig Bantle told us, “We looked at a lot of buildings over the past 6 months or so, but this location is in a very nice location with great neighbors and a wonderful landlord.  Plus, we have been contacted by lots of people in this area that always wanted to shop with us, but didn’t want to make the drive all the way to North Raleigh.”

Business has been good, Kraig tells us. They have begun to work with different realtors, apartment complexes, and storage unit facilites to help them all in the removals of their clients’ items.  They’ve are also working with a new list of charities.

Call them at (919)-462-7040 for more info.