Weather: Summer Comes to Cary

Cary, NC – Say farewell to the mild spring weather. It’s going to be hot and muggy in Cary for the next ten days.

Spring in Cary

Overall, the spring of 2011 was a little cooler than usual in Cary. It seemed like we had plenty of rain, but monthly averages are slightly below normal for this time of year.

We also had some powerful thunderstorms and frightening weather events including The Day It Rained Roof Tiles and Insulation.

Upper Eighties and Low Nineties

A quick look at shows five of the next ten days with high temperatures in the upper 80’s. The other five days predict temps in the 90’s.

The average for this time of year is low-to-mid eighties.

That extra 5-10 degrees makes all the difference. Combined with the humidity, expect summer-like conditions for Memorial Day in Cary and surrounding areas.

Tips to Stay Cool

Top Tip – Change your air conditioning filters around the house.  Dirty air filters decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning. That means less cool air reaches living areas and your A/C will need to work harder to achieve the desired cooling.

Top Tip #2 – Ice Cream. See our article from last year, Ways to Beat the Heat in Cary: Ice Cream, for a list of cool places in Cary to go for a frozen treat.